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Kobor Natok By Munir Chowdhury Pdf 46

Kobor Natok by Munir Chowdhury: A Classic Bangla Drama in PDF Format

If you are looking for a classic Bangla drama that explores the themes of language, identity, and resistance, you should read Kobor Natok by Munir Chowdhury. Kobor Natok, which means Graveyard Play, is a one-act play written by Munir Chowdhury in 1953 when he was imprisoned by the Pakistani government for his involvement in the Language Movement of 1952.

kobor natok by munir chowdhury pdf 46

Kobor Natok is set in a graveyard where the bodies of the language martyrs are buried. The play revolves around a corrupt politician and his accomplice, a greedy police officer, who plan to dig up the graves and erase the last traces of the martyrs. However, their scheme is interrupted by a mysterious figure who claims to be a dead fakir. The fakir engages them in a series of dialogues that reveal their hypocrisy, cowardice, and betrayal. The fakir also invokes the spirits of the martyrs and challenges them to rise up and defend their mother tongue.

Kobor Natok is a powerful and poignant play that reflects the historical and political context of Bangladesh in the 1950s. It also showcases Munir Chowdhury's mastery of language, symbolism, and satire. The play has been translated into several languages and performed on stage and screen many times.

If you want to read Kobor Natok by Munir Chowdhury, you can download it in PDF format from various online sources. You can also find reviews and analyses of the play on different websites and blogs. Kobor Natok by Munir Chowdhury is a must-read for anyone who appreciates Bangla literature and culture.

Who was Munir Chowdhury?

Munir Chowdhury was a Bangladeshi academic, playwright, literary critic, linguist, rebel, and martyr. He was born on November 27, 1925 in Manikganj, Dhaka. He studied English literature at Dhaka University and later obtained a master's degree from Harvard University. He was a professor of English and Bengali at Dhaka University and also served as the director of the Bangla Academy.

Munir Chowdhury was an active participant in the Language Movement of 1952, which demanded the recognition of Bangla as one of the state languages of Pakistan. He was arrested and tortured by the Pakistani authorities for his role in the movement. He also wrote several plays and essays that criticized the oppression and exploitation of the Bengali people by the Pakistani regime. Some of his notable works include Roktakto Prantor (Bloody Field), Chithi (Letter), and Kabar (Grave).

Munir Chowdhury was also a supporter of the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971. He was abducted and killed by the Pakistani army and their collaborators on December 14, 1971. He is considered one of the most influential and courageous intellectuals of Bangladesh. He was awarded the Ekushey Padak and the Independence Day Award posthumously for his contribution to Bangla literature and culture.

Why is Kobor Natok important?

Kobor Natok is one of the most important plays in Bangla literature for several reasons. First, it is a historical document that captures the spirit and struggle of the Language Movement of 1952, which is regarded as the first step towards the independence of Bangladesh. The play pays tribute to the language martyrs who sacrificed their lives for their mother tongue. It also exposes the atrocities and injustices committed by the Pakistani government against the Bengali people.

Second, it is a literary masterpiece that demonstrates Munir Chowdhury's skill and creativity as a playwright. The play uses various literary devices such as irony, sarcasm, allegory, and symbolism to convey its message. The play also employs a unique style of language that blends colloquial Bangla with classical Bangla and Arabic words. The play has a dramatic structure that builds up tension and suspense until the climax.

Third, it is a social and political commentary that challenges the status quo and calls for change. The play criticizes the corruption, greed, and selfishness of the politicians and bureaucrats who betray their own people for personal gain. The play also questions the role of religion and superstition in society. The play urges the people to stand up for their rights and dignity and resist any form of oppression and domination.


Kobor Natok by Munir Chowdhury is a remarkable play that reflects the history, culture, and identity of Bangladesh. It is a tribute to the language martyrs who fought for their mother tongue and a critique of the oppressive and corrupt system that tried to silence them. It is also a testament to Munir Chowdhury's genius and courage as a writer and a patriot. Kobor Natok by Munir Chowdhury is a play that every Bangla lover should read and appreciate. d282676c82


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