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Joshua Young

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I finished the download for the software and had it put on the iphone ages ago, now i have been trying for over 2 hours to get it to connect to the store, i got the (-9838) error several times now, and i finally got it to "accessing itunes store..." and it gave me error (-4), and i have to idea what to do at this point. You would think that after the fiasco of the first night of the iphone 1.0 launch they would have brought in more servers to deal with the obvious problem. the secret is that they don't care how long we wait because in the end we will still like the 2.0 software.

Download One Direction Up All Night Album Zip


As well, last night while checking to see if the new firmware was released a bit early, I got the iTunes update and did it. Then, for no good reason, I went to the iT store and bought a few albums. Downloading them was an absolute nightmare - every other song resulted in an error and my mbp spinning its cpus for many minutes at a time.

I saw last night that the apps store was up and running so I bought and downloaded a bunch of apps for my ipod touch. This morning I got up to download the 2.0 update, all excited, only to get the message that iTunes could not access the store. Now, hours later, iTunes is telling me that my old software version is the most current version which I know to be false. I was so excited for the upgrade and now I have all these apps that I purchased that I can't even use because I can't get the 2.0 upgrade. I'm so frustrated.

I upgraded my 2.5G iPhone to the 2.0 firmware last night after reading it was available early for manual download. Other than my not understanding initially how to remove the .zip extention from the file name, I had no problems at all. Downloaded the software in about 15 minutes, installed and reactivated the phone with no troubles at all. It did ask if I wanted to activate it as a new phone or from backup (I chose backup) so I'm assuming it "knew" I had an existing contract. I was able to download free and paid Applications last night, and all have worked perfectly all day. Have re-synced the phone today, and the computer recognizes it has the updated 2.0 firmware, etc. For once in my life, being impatient paid off - glad I didn't wait until today! :)


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